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A smartphone is what one is likely to think about when an app is mentioned. Today almost eighty percent of the total population of the world is either using or has contact to a smartphone. A smartphone is actually one very essential thing in the modern world. Both the developers and the users find the Android system in most smartphones very useful. Smartphone users have the best of knowledge just because of the app developers that work tirelessly hard. There is a possibility that some people are seen to develop their android apps. Below are a few tips that the developers and those interested in making their apps need to know before they can engage in the process.

The app naming process is one that most developers tend to forget, and it becomes a more significant problem in the future. When one does the booking of the name early in advance they are likely to avoid things like name duplication among other vital claims by other developers. In as much as there will be so many apps in the market today there is a Google package that helps your apps name manifest. The reason you have to take the app naming process seriously is that most of the uses will only relate to it based on the name.

Make sure that the google provided android design guidelines are analyzed to the best of your ability. The guidelines are supposed to help the developers come up with a variety of apps that behave and feel the same even though their functions are different. A developer that uses the guidelines will make it easy for a given user to understand the app.

A good developer is supposed to ensure that they do thorough research on the app they are working on. It is important to learn from the users as their needs will help you know what is needed in the apps. When a developer takes the demands of a user and makes the necessary amendments only then will the users continue to use the app. Most users use different apps and therefore are likely to know what one or even all the apps need to add or remove and this could be a big thing for the developers.

As a developer it is important to consider market fragmentation. The developing technology as time goes has enabled for a developed android through google. A developer is therefore supposed to understand the above and many other demographics. The latest android version should be compatible one way or the other with whatever a given developer produces.

Make sure that your app is well optimized so that it doesn’t take a lot of time in processes like starting. It is crucial that thorough tests are conducted before a given app is shared to the users.

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